All About Our Pet Resistant Pool Screen Installation In Florida

by | Sep 1, 2022 | Pool Screen Enclosure

Getting a pet-resistant pool screen installation in Florida may seem like a clear decision; however, it is important you choose the ideal screen type that’s perfect for your situation.

In a situation whereby you have pets or children, getting a pet screen is an excellent choice due to the top-notch longevity it offers over the standard screens.


Why Install a Pet Resistant Pool Screen Installation in Florida?

  • You Can Be Assured Of Long Lasting Strength

For individuals with pets such as in their homes, the claws and teeth of the lovely but vehement animals are not underrated. In the case of standard screens, their durability starts decreasing as time goes on due to the damage from the sharp teeth and claws of your pet animals.

Regular screens can still resist some damage. However, pets are very stubborn. In the end, they can tear through low-grade screens. With our pet-resistant pool screen, you can be assured of a 7x strength compared to a standard screen.

  • Proper Visibility And Flow Of Air

While wanting to install pool screens, some homeowners may turn down the idea of installing thick screens because they feel it will affect their visibility compared to regular screens. Even though the single strands in our pet-resistant screen are thick, the spaces between each strand are vast and extensive enough to aid visibility.

The strands do not hinder the beautiful rays of sunlight from shining into your enclosed space. Also, airflow into your closed space is not affected; fresh air will continue to help you feel rejuvenated. You can never go wrong with our pet-resistant, rescreening pool enclosures in Florida.

  • Keeps Pests Off

Even though the specific function of pet screens is to keep pets and children inside, they also help keep troublesome pests a distance away from you.

The mesh in our pool screens is tiny, disallowing mosquitoes and other annoying insects from disturbing you.

Apart from the fact that our pet-proof enclosures help to prevent your pets from clawing their way to freedom, it also helps to keep larger pests like rats at bay.


Pet Screen Installation Services Nearby

Welcome to Sunshine Screens, your number one choice for pet-resistant rescreening pool enclosures in Florida. We are a pool screen repair company with years of expertise in the industry.

We understand what it means to keep your home in good condition while we do our work. If you’re looking for a pet screen installation service near you, please call or contact Sunshine Screens today. Let us be your go-to guy for your pool screen repairs and installations.