Repair Vs. Replace: What’s Ideal for Re-screening Your Pool in Tampa, FL

by | Jul 1, 2022 | Pool Screen Enclosure

Are you in need of a pool rescreening service in Tampa, Florida? If yes, you are just a step away. Pool rescreening mainly involves making amendments to small rips and tears. However, carrying out screen repair on your entire pool is a money-consuming Investment. Financial-wise, it’s not advisable because repairs are not that durable.

Based on the level of damage to your pool, it might be better to replace the whole pool. Here is how to determine whether you need a screen repair service in Tampa, Florida or if your pool requires a total replacement.


How To Know If Your Pool Is In Need Of A Screen Repair Service In Tampa, Florida?

Even though pool enclosures are considered strong, they are conspicuous, and the durability of the materials reduces as time goes on. It’s better to handle minor repairs in the pool as soon as possible because it keeps the pool in good condition and helps prevent unnecessary spending that may arise in the future. The following are warning signs indicating your pool requires pool rescreening services in Tampa, Florida.

Presence of small rips and tears: One sign you may notice in your pool that indicates the need for a pool repair is the presence of small rips and tears.

These can be caused by pets, squirrels, and other animal creatures that can create tears or rips with their slender, curved nails and teeth.

Also, if such small tears or rips are left untreated, they can get larger over time. Furthermore, the presence of holes in your pool can serve as a home for unwanted animals to

Presence of chips in the paint: Have you started noticing a small loose mass of paint in your pool? Then it’s a sign that you should repair your pool. Pool cafes must be repainted after 5 to10 years, just like you carry out painting in your home.


How To Know Whether Your Pool Is In Need Of A Full Cage Replacement?

Taking note of the times your pool cage needs a total replacement can help eliminate any costly or dangerous scenario that may surface in the future. The following are the ways you can figure out if you need a full cage pool replacement.

The extreme growth of algae: The warm and moist nature of Florida’s weather provides a perfect condition for algae to grow and thrive.

It’s impossible to get rid of algae just by the regular cleaning approach, and if it’s left to remain like that, the algae become excessive and might spread across the whole screen enclosure.

Absence of or corrosion of hardware: Once you start noticing the absence of bolts or that the iron screws have started rusting, it signals that your pool enclosure needs a total replacement.

A defective pool enclosure can be dangerous, especially in times of a severe storm which can end up causing severe damage to individuals or properties.


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